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We have extended our rental equipment with 16 Stagemaker SM10 and 16 Stagemaker SM5 chain hoists. The SM10 and SM5 models are designed for handling stage and theatre equipment, ensuring safe and precise positioning of speakers, lighting systems, stage sets, sceneries, etc. The SM10 can handle a load of 1000 kg, where the SM5 can handle 500 kg. The electric hoists implements CE-certification chain and comply with the American CSA standard.
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The high output J-Series reaches into large-scale sound reinforcement situations, extending further the spectrum of applications d&b systems embrace. The transparent and detailed audio performance with extraordinarily smooth and even frequency response, dynamic bandwidth, extreme high power and headroom capabilities, makes the J-Series the ultimate choice for the far-reaching reinforcement of any sound genre. The J-Series consists of the J8 and J12 loudspeakers and the J-SUB cardioid subwoofer that are acoustically matched and constructed to be mechanically compatible both in flown or ground-stacked arrays. For extended frequency response the J-INFRA cardioid subwoofer can be used to supplement the system in various combinations. The high fidelity J-Series, pushing all the boundaries, but yet stays true to the maxims of the d&b System reality.
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After much demand to our GrandMA 2 fullsize, we decided to purchase an additional fullsize control desk for our rental. Two control desks creates a lot of new features in networking. You can now attach the control desks in a network along with the MA 2Port Node to increase redundancy or create a more flexible control room.
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  • Laundry Day (festival)
  • It's showtime (sport / tv)
  • Nabucco (theater)
  • Reggae Geel (festival)
  • Reverze (event)
  • Autosalon (exhibition)
  • Summerfestival (festival)
  • 7th Sunday (event)
  • Hanjo (theater)
  • Agribex (exhibition)
  • Daydream festival (festival)
  • Last world (event)
  • And many more...

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